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Open Yourself To New Money & Wealth… With The Chakra Money Activation Program
Dr. Steve G. Jones,
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Do you keep telling yourself that there has to be more to life than this?

Are you looking to establish lasting security for you and your family with increased wealth?

Are you ready to make big changes in your life if it means making your life better?

For many of us, the answer to these questions is a big YES! We want to change our lives for the better. We want to provide financial security for our family. And we say we will do anything to achieve our goals!

My 30 years of experience in the hypnotherapy field has shown me that the BEST way to make changes in life, is to start with CHANGING YOUR SELF.

Now, I'm not talking about changing careers or going back to school. Those may be a part of the long-term plan, but the first step is to change from WITHIN: To center your Self (capital S).

When your Self is centered and balanced, you open up the doors of understanding and find new OPPORTUNITIES, not just for change, but for achieving those goals you most want to achieve.

With the Chakra Money Activation program, I will help you align your chakras so that your Self will be balanced and ready for change. Once you're balanced, you will find more opportunities to establish true wealth (money/happiness/satisfaction) for you and your family.

So, one more question. Are you going to take the first step towards achieving your goals?
All About Chakras
If you read the above and asked: What the heck are chakras? then read on to get the answer...

The knowledge of chakras dates back over 3,000 years ago in India. Chakras are the energy centers of the body. When properly aligned, our chakras maintain our health and wellness.

Out of alignment, and we find ourselves in a state of unease: We can be sick; or have difficulty expressing ourselves, or are irrational and emotional (in an unhealthy way); as well as other issues.

There are 7 chakras, from the base of your spine up through your abdomen, chest, throat, and up to the crown of your head.

Each chakra controls a different aspect of your Self. If you find your Self is off-balanced or unwell, it is is an indication that one or more of your chakras are out of alignment.

But chakras can do more than just maintain your physical and mental health. When properly aligned and focused, your chakras will open you up to powerful change and improvement.

The Chakra Wealth Activation program will help you center and align your 7 chakras so that you can open your Self to new wealth and opportunities.

When you are fully aligned you will discover that you have the ability within you to start making those changes that will get you to your goals. Are you ready to reach your goals?
"Without Steve I really do not know where I'd be at now, emotionaly, financially and spirituallu. Highly recommended, the best investment of my time an money ever, one of the most amazing people I've encountered.
Thank you Steve!"

- Tim Cowell, Fittleworth, United Kingdom
Open Yourself To New Money & Wealth… With The Chakra Money Activation Program
Just $19 $9
What You Learn In This Program

8 Audio Modules + A Complete PDF Transcription To Center Your Chakras

The Chakra Wealth Activation program is all about achieving balance and alignment in each of your chakras. To that end, I have eight 20-minute audio modules, which also includes a 17-page PDF transcription of each audio module as a bonus. You can repeat each module as often as you need to in order to reach  your balance and center your Self!
Module 1
I will introduce you to the keys to Chakra Wealth Activation and show you how each chakra will impact your ability to reach your goals.
Module 2
Root Chakra - Just as it sounds, this is the base of all your wealth and health. We'll start by balancing your Root Chakra.
Module 3
Sacral Chakra - Your creative center. When balanced, you will feel a sense of stability and high self-worth.
Module 4
Solar Plexus Chakra - The seat of your power. With this balanced, you will feel confident and powerful, ready to make changes.
Module 5
Heart Chakra - As you might expect, this is the chakra of love, compassion, giving. With this aligned, you will find yourself open to GIVING, knowing you will GET more than you give!
Module 6
Throat Chakra - The chakra of communication and expression. You'll need this balanced so you can communicate well with others and express your ideas in a way that leads to wealth and change.
Module 7
Third Eye Chakra - The chakra of insight, intuition, observation. With this in alignment, you will be able to trust your Self and make the right decisions when they arise.
Module 8
Crown Chakra - Connection and openness. When in balance, you will have a strong sense of connectedness with your family, and you will remember that all your change and wealth is meant to be shared with them.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t activate the wealth inside you… if you don’t gain a higher level of connection… if you don’t enjoy these meditations… I’ll give you your money back! You have a full 60 days to try out these chakra wealth meditations that I’ve personally created for you.
But if you don’t like the wealth connection, you can simply ask for a full refund, no questions asked!
After you have completed your 8 modules, your chakras will be in balance and you will be open to money, new opportunities, & new wealth.

So, let me ask one more time! Are you ready for change?

Are you ready to open your Self to new opportunities, and new wealth?

Then you know what you need to do!
Open Yourself To New Money & Wealth… With The Chakra Money Activation Program
Just $19 $9
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